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Coaster Freight Index: Comprehensive data on shortsea shipping

Global CFI // week 36


Global CFI has added $0.21/t this week due to continuing growth of the Azov Sea CFI ($1.31/t up) and the BlSea CFI ($0.24/t up). Market players report very limited number of open sea-river vessels in the region. The Gulf of Finland CFI has risen by $0.37/t, the Lower Baltic CFI by $0.27/t. Trade has perked up slightly in northern Europe. The ISM Commodity Index has grown by 3.2 points over the week. Demand for Black Sea wheat and barley remains strong, and relevant prices, as well as those for maize, have inched up. Turkish importers have resumed purchases of steel scrap after holidays, though they are not too active so far. The export quotes for Black Sea finished and semi-finished steel products keep growing, while most importers do not hurry to sign deals at such high levels. At the same time, the importers from North Africa and the Middle East show quite steady interest in Turkish steel products.

Global Coaster Freight Index

CFI is the weighted average of voyage freight rates assessments on main trade routes for grain, steel, scrap, pig iron, coal, fertilizers, minerals and construction cargoes.
List of rates includes those for shipments of above mentioned commodities in 3,000-10,000 t lots.

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