ISM: All tonnage segments reviews, real freight fixtures & commodity prices
Coaster Freight Index: Comprehensive data on shortsea shipping
21 September 2017, Londonskaya Hotel, Odessa, Ukraine

Low commodity markets and tonnage oversupply are now a good reason for both charterers and shipowners to analyze and forecast export cargo flows with most thoroughness. A clear perspective on export potential helps charterers optimize their freight expenses and gives shipowners more accurate risk assessment opportunity.

Charterers, traders, ship operators, owners and brokers are invited to discuss upcoming trends and possible logistic challenges of 2018/2019 Azov and BlSea freight market.

The main topics:

  • Sea trade expectations as the keystone of a shipowner’s decision making
  • Low commodity markets and optimization of freight expenses

Key issues:

  • Prospects of wheat exports ex Black Sea. Is it possible to boost shipments to Southeast Asia in the coming seasons?
  • Shipments of Ukrainian maize to Iran and India. Prospects for retaining these cargo flows in season 2017-18.
  • Growing importance of soya for coaster and Handysize owners in view of increasing production of soybeans in Ukraine. Boosting of exports to Turkey, Iran and the EU.
  • Marketing developments for Black Sea steel products. Competition with Chinese exporters in Southeast Asian countries. Prospects for retaining the Mediterranean market.
  • Shipments of cement, steel products and grain to West Africa. Infrastructure problems in discharge ports. High logistic expenses for charterers; shipowners’ risks.
  • Urea shipments. Prospects for the recovery of transportation from Ukraine. Government regulations as a main factor of urea exports from Egypt. Alternative cargoes for Handysize owners heading for ECSA and USG.
  • Demand for imported scrap and coal in Turkey as a main factor of tonnage building up in EMed. Expectations for 2018-2019.
  • The need for sea-river fleet renewal. Relations with the Port State Control.
  • Monopolization of bunker market in Novorossiysk and Tuapse. Search for alternatives for transit bunkering.
  • The need for reduced disburs in Ukrainian ports to enhance competitiveness of local cargoes.
  • Development of transport infrastructure on the Dnieper and the Danube.
  • Russian grain. Reduction of road handling. Exporters’ opinion.

Special topics:

  • Advantages of using FFA as a hedging tool against the volatility of freight market.
  • Legal aspects of passing the Kerch Strait on deepwater side.
  • P&I clubs’ requirements and recommendations concerning shipments to/from the ports of Libya, Syria, Yemen.
  • Ballast water management, BIMCO requirements, installation of BWM-systems.


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