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USG: Pmx/Kmx T/A rates stopped easing, F/H rates generally stable


Stronger supply of spot tonnage was feeding negative trends in the North Atlantic Panamax/Kamsarmax sector late last week. In the beginning of this week, however, brisker trade has somewhat balanced the market and allowed the rates to stabilize. So, the Panamax time-charter bss TARV is now quoted at $13.5k daily on average. Spot deal for a 76,000 dwt vessel bss dely Continent via USEC redel Skaw-Passero has been signed at $13.9k daily. Similar contracts for Post-Panamax fleet are negotiated at $14.5k daily. The Panamax rates bss dely NCSA redel Skaw-Passero with early April laycans are negotiated at $15.5k daily + $100k bb. Deals for Kamsarmax carriers bss dely USG redel Med are negotiated at $12-12.5k daily + $200-250k bb.

Panamax/Kamsarmax fronthaul rates hold largely steady. The Panamax/Kamsarmax time-charter bss dely Continent via USG redel Spore-Japan is quoted by brokers at $19-20k daily. The contract for a 75,000 dwt vessel bss dely Continent via USEC redel India has been concluded at $19.5k daily. The contract for a Kamsarmax ship bss dely Gibraltar via USEC redel India has been concluded at $20.5k daily. The rates for Panamax fleet bss dely USG redel FEast amount to $16k daily + $600k bb on average. The deal for a Kamsarmax vessel bss dely USG redel Spore-Japan with late March-early April laycans has been signed at $16.2k daily + $640k bb. The transportation cost of 66,000 t of grain from the Gulf of Mexico ports to China (via the Cape of Good Hope) is voiced at $43/t. Shipment of 55-60,000 t of US agri products to the Far East (via the Panama Canal) may cost $44-44.5/t. The deal for transportation of 75,000 t of coal from the US Atlantic coast to eastern India with April 1-10 laycans has been signed at $32.2/t.

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