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Charterers keep pushing BlSea small-tonnage rates down


Demand for small dwt fleet keeps weakening in the Black Sea due to shortage of spot cargoes. Spot tonnage supply is growing. Brokers note the most significant decrease in the segment for 7-10,000 dwt vessels. At present, charterers offer only $13/t for transportation of 8,000 t of grain from Chernomorsk to Iskenderun and $15/t for shipment of 7,000 t of sulphur from Kavkaz port road to Egypt. The deal for transportation of 6-6,500 t of maize from Constanta to the Marmara Sea is negotiated at $11/t. Carrying 5,500 t of high-stowage agri cargoes (two lots with sf' of about 60-64) from Nikolayev to Izmir is quoted by brokers at $21/t. Shipment of 3,000 t of sunflower seeds from Nikolayev to Cyprus is estimated at $24-25/t. The contract for transportation of 7-8,000 t of steel from Constanta to Georgia is negotiated at $13/t. A 10,000 t lot of grain can now be moved from Nikolayev to the eastern Mediterranean at $16-17/t. Grain transportation by an about 4,700 dwt vessel from Nikolayev to western Italy is now quoted at $95,000 bss lumpsum on average. A 3,000 t lot of steel from Romania to eastern Greece has been fixed at $19/t. Charterers are ready to pay mere $18-19/t to have 6-7,000 t of urea moved from Damietta to western France.

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