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Trade slows down in Supramax/Handysize sector of Baltic & Continent


Trade has slowed down somewhat in the Supramax/Handysize transportation sector of the Baltic and Continent ahead of holidays. The offer of cargoes is slack in the region. Shipowners say they are occasionally getting requests for spot transportation of fertilizers and steel scrap, while offers of agri products are less frequent.

Whereas the owners sometimes make certain concessions to charterers, the Supramax/Handysize freight level has not changed much until now. The rates for shipments from the freezing ports are still voiced above the average market level, though the gap is no longer that large.

The deal for scrap transportation by a 52,000 dwt vessel bss dely Antwerp redel EMed is negotiated at $14.5k daily. A similar carrier has been chartered at $20k daily for shipment of steel scrap bss dely Continent redel Thailand. The contract for scrap transportation by a 57,000 dwt vessel bss dely Gibraltar via ice Baltic redel Med has been concluded at about $15k daily.

The deal for a Handysize vessel bss dely Skaw via Baltic redel Turkish Med has been negotiated at $11.5-12k daily; the fixtures for such shipments are also voiced by brokers at $10-11k daily. The Handysize time-charter bss dely Skaw via ice Baltic redel USG is currently negotiated at $13-14k daily, while the corresponding rates reached $20k daily in early March. The Handysize owners are seeking to get about $16.5k daily bss dely Riga redel Peru. A Handysize vessel can be chartered at about $8k daily bss dely Continent redel ECSA.

Carrying 40-45,000 t of steel scrap (sf 55-60`) from the ARA ports to Iskenderun is still quoted at $17/t. Contracts for transportation of 30,000 t of wheat from Rouen to Algeria are negotiated at $19-19.5/t at the moment.

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