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ECSA Pmx/Kmx market weaker for Jan laycans, while Feb cargo offer looks healthy


On January 8-10, the Panamax/Kamsarmax owners were sanguine about prospects in the South Atlantic transportation market due to healthy trade and higher rates reported last week. After January 10, however, the excess of spot/prompt tonnage supply over demand has forced the owners to start making concessions. So, the Kamsarmax time-charter bss dely ECSA redel Spore-Japan with January laycans is now quoted by brokers at about $15k daily + $500k bb, while last week, the owners could get $15.5k daily + $550k bb on that route. The deal for a 80,000 dwt vessel bss dely ECSA redel Spore-Japan with January 19-20 laycans is negotiated at $15k daily + $500k bb. A similar contract for a Panamax carrier with ETA ECSA on January 27-29 is negotiated at $14.25k daily + $425k bb. The rates for a Kamsarmax vessel bss retro dely ECI via ECSA redel Spore-Japan amount to $13-13.5k daily. A 82,000 dwt vessel may be chartered at $14-15k daily bss dely ECI via ECSA redel Spore-Japan.

Carrying a Panamax-lot of grain from Santos to northern China with January laycans is quoted by brokers at $31-32/t. ISM sources report quite frequent requests for shipments of South American grain with H1 February laycans. The owners are increasingly lifting their ideas when negotiating deals for February shipments, but the charterers do not hurry to conclude the contracts expecting the owners to moderate their appetite amid the existing downward trend in rates in the spot/prompt market. According to ISM sources, deals for transportation of Panamax-lots of agri products from Santos to China with Q1 2018 laycans are negotiated at $32/t, those with Q2 2018 laycans at $33/t. Several contracts for shipments of 60,000 t of grain from Santos to China with March laycans have been concluded at $33-33.5/t.

The deal for a Panamax vessel bss dely ECSA redel Continent with ETA ECSA on January 20 is negotiated at $17.5k daily. A 60,000 t lot of bauxite from Kamsar to Spain with January 15-20 laycans has been fixed at $10.5/t. The deal for shipment of 75,000 t of iron ore from Brazil to Germany with February 1-10 laycans has been signed at $11.8/t.

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