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Mercury is falling in Lower Baltic, while rates ex freezing ports healthy


ISM sources report a mixed sentiment in the Baltic Sea coaster market. The situation has not changed much in the freezing ports of the region, where the owners still manage to insist on quite handsome rates. At the same time, the tonnage supply has increased somewhat in the Lower Baltic due in part to inflow of vessels from the North Sea ports. The charterers are even trying to push the rates down by voicing their ideas below the mid-February levels. Moreover, they do not hurry to make new offers, trying to affect the sentiment in the market.

Carrying 4,000 t of steel products from St. Petersburg to the ARA ports is still quoted by brokers at €22-24/t. One of the charterers has managed to fix a vessel for transportation of 3,000 t of steel from St. Petersburg to Denmark at slightly less than €20/t, while rates for such shipments are hovering within €23-24/t. A 3,000 t lot of fertilizers can be moved from St. Petersburg to Rostock at €22/t. The charterers offer high €10s/t for transportation of 5,000 t of urea from Kotka to Poland, compared with €22/t seen during the last couple of weeks. Carrying 5,500 t of fertilizers from Klaipeda to western Ireland is estimated at €26/t. The contract for shipment of about 7,000 t of pig iron from Latvia to northern Spain has been reportedly concluded at mere €23/t. The deal for transportation of 4,000 cu m of saw timber from St. Petersburg to northern France has been negotiated at €22/cu m, and up to 3,000 cu m of the cargo to Papenburg have been fixed at €24/cu m, though the owners’ initial ideas reached €27/cu m. Carrying 4,500 t of coal from Kaliningrad to Poland may cost €9/t on average. The owners are aiming at a rate of €12/t for transportation of 5,000 t of coke from Ventspils to Szczecin. Shipment of 4,000 t of grain from Denmark to southern Spain costs €29/t.

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