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Dear Subscribers!

It’s a pleasure for us to inform you that freight statistics since 2007 is now available in our Statservice area.

Some remarks:

The access to the Statservice will be available to our subscribers only.

Using the above service, you can see the freight data, i.e. the freight rates dynamics. All the information is to be updated no less than once in a month. Please note that the system itself analyzes the data availability and allows only the inquiries, that will NOT result in an empty chart. You can make a few requests at the same time, each of them will be opened as a new tab.

You can export the obtained data into MS Excel file and save it on your computer.

Ready-built request could also be saved. The next time you log in, you will find the above-mentioned request in the “Saved searches” part and then use it to get the updates.

For further information related to Statservice functioning please send your e-mail to

NB: The service is being operated in a test mode now.


1. Choose “Freight Rates” in the menu on the left.

2. You get the window where you’ll need to choose the type of cargo:

3. If you, for example, tick the root folder “Full nomenclature” and then click on “Next”, you get the window where ports of loading are shown:

4. For example, tick the ports of Gdansk and Szczecin, click on «Next», and you get the window with the same request but in this case according to the ports of unloading (discharge):

5. Tick the root folder «All countries» and you get the window where you’re offered to enter the period of time:

6. Let’s say you became our subscriber in January, 2013, in this case, the maximum depth of an archive database you can get will be from July 2012 to June 2013 (archive depth to correspond with your subscription term).

7. Then you’ll see the chart already made according to your searches:

As you can see the chart, you can choose its structure by changing the criteria:

• displaying type;

• information supply frequency;

• a number of lines per page.

You can also save your request and then find it in the “Saved requests” folder. Furthermore, you can export information into Excel format and update the data on-line.

8. Chart data sorting:

Cargo types are given in the alphabetical order on default, however, you can put whichever column in the alphabetical order as well.

We hope that you’ll find the “Statservice” very useful while processing huge amount of data!

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